Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Forest Row



 We make fresh juices from a variety of fruit and vegetables each morning.

Your home made organic porridge will have been soaked overnight in pure water. The soaking process creates an extraordinary silky smooth, nourishing porridge. Served hot or cold with a choice of:

  • maple syrup or local honey,

  • home roasted seeds & nuts,

  • slow stewed dried fruits and/or

  • Greek yoghurt

We pick fresh herbs from the Astrological Medicinal garden for your pot of tea each morning, or choose from a variety of teas and coffee. 

When you are staying with us for several days, you might be tempted by our other breakfast options.

If the weather allows it, breakfast will be served outside.

If you have specific dietary requirements please let us know in advance, we are happy to accommodate where possible.